Review of The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash

Julie and Brad are a young, ambitious couple, struggling to make a go of the house-flipping business. When Julie spots a dilapidated old mansion on Long Island’s Cold Spring Harbor Brad has serious reservations, but Julie is set on rehabilitating the place. When weird things begin happening to them both they come to the realization that they’re the new owners of a haunted house.

eBook Review Gal Book Review by The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash

The Flip is so much more than a haunted house story. There’s a cleverly woven backstory within these pages that includes undying and unrequited love, lust, romance, American Civil War history, paranormal activity and more. The author is a wonderful storyteller and I love the way he’s brought so many elements together in this book to create yet another unique read. It’s a short read, but as usual Mr. Cash has expertly packed in enough information to keep readers involved until the very end.

The idea that residual energy exists and remains long after we’re gone is spot on. This is a concept that I fully accept and I love that it’s at the heart of this book. The relationship between Gerald and Tessa was interesting and moving, and I found myself engrossed in the Civil War era flashbacks. I enjoyed the author’s notes at the end about Long Island’s Underground Railroad history. I’m quite familiar with the area and I hadn’t known about this before.

I can’t say enough about Michael Phillip Cash’s books. I’ve loved every one of them so far and I plan to read them all.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton