Review of The Cortlandt Boys by Laura Vanderkam

Cortlandt, a quaint Northeast Pennsylvania town, sat nestled in the mountains. In 1994, the atmosphere was filled with the thrill of victory, love and mystery. The high school basketball team, The Cortlandt Cavaliers, had won the state championship that year. TheThe Cortlandt Boys by Laura Vanderkam whole town was thrilled with the victory and the boys were overjoyed to have claimed their fame. The Cortlandt Boys were so consumed with basking in their stardom, it ended up blinding them from seeking any sort of future. As far as they were concerned, this was a once in a lifetime accomplishment. They stayed in the small town with the hope of hanging on to their fame forever.

On the other hand, Max (the POV character), wanted to be the high school newspaper editor. She was good at reporting and she knew it. She had dreams that would take her outside the small town of Cortlandt where she would start her career.

The story picks up ten years later, when Max returns to Cortlandt to write a story about the lives of the famed basketball champions. By that time, Max was living her dream as a sports writer. She’d appeared on television talk shows and had published many stories in the Sports Magazine. She was well on her way to realizing any number of achievements. So, when she returned to Cortlandt, it was to write an honest reflective story about the Cortlandt boys. Max’s journey back to her hometown untangles a web that she’d never forget.

I love the way the author was able to combine the thrill of the games with romance and a twist of mystery.  The characters jumped off the pages at me. I could feel their range of emotions – love, despair, victory and defeat. This book crossed over into several genres flawlessly, which would make it appeal to a wide variety of readers. This was a great book!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Monica McDaniel