Review of The Buck Pass by T. R. Whittier

The eBook Review Gal review team is growing everyday! eBook Review Gal has another new book reviewer and we couldn’t be more pleased! Justine Steckling is a writer and an avid reader. In Justine’s words, “I enjoy reading just about everything, but my absolute favorites are mysteries and horror novels. I have been reading since I was about 4 years old, and I have loved it since the day I first started. My favorite books, despite my love for mystery and horror novels, are actually The Lord of the Rings series. When I get free time, I either write or read. I also run several blogs, and go to school full-time.” 

Justine’s first review is of The Buck Pass, by T. R. Whittier. Take it away, Justine! 

I really enjoyed The Buck Pass. Whittier’s characters are believable, their original circumstances dire, and their chance encounters with the mysterious dollar are really well The Buck Pass by T. R. Whittierset up. Every time someone comes into contact with the mystical dollar, their circumstances change for the better. The changes in circumstance are not over the top by any means – no one goes from being broke to being a billionaire, for example – but the dollar bill, or “buck”, changes the circumstances of their lives in ways that truly matter. Every time I thought the dollar’s days of miracles were over, I was surprised by another chance encounter with it. The ending itself was a good ending, it definitely caught me by surprise in the very last sentence.

I think the writing is good, aside from some common grammatical mistakes; the characters and their situations before and after receiving the dollar are great; the plot is easy to follow, and fairly interesting; and I love that Whittier managed to include pictures of the magical buck every time someone added their own mark to it. That really made a difference.

I give it 5/5 stars for ingenuity, overall great writing, the interconnectedness of all the characters and scenarios, and the fantastic individual character development.


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Justine Steckling