Review of The Boss’s Runaway Bride by Pamela Burford

Quinn has recently lost his job to what he’s told was a merger. To soften the blow, Quinn’s former boss Phil lets him use his Nantucket summer home for a month. Quinn is surprised when he realizes there’s another summer guest occupying the beach house – Phil’s ex fiancée Molly, who left Phil at the altar mere months prior. Quinn tries his best to avoid Molly, having heard all the horror stories from Phil. However, despite his best efforts, Quinn and Molly soon bond and find they have more in common than they initially thought.

This wasn’t a bad little story. It was super short and an enjoyable read on a rainy Sunday morning. I enjoyed Molly’s character – she reminded me of Marilyn Monroe – who had more than just beauty going for her.

The ending was predictable, yet satisfying. The author’s writing is engaging – there isn’t a lot of “fluff” to weigh things down. It’s sometimes difficult to write a good novella, since a complete story can be hard to write in so few words, but Ms. Burford does a great job. There’s explicit sex in this book, so readers who might take offense should be aware. Overall, this was not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday.

4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton