Review of The Blue Wooden Horse by Orly Assa

I absolutely love children’s books that tell a story that can be used as jumping off points for discussions with children. The Blue Wooden Horse accomplishes this and goes a few steps further. One, it’s poetry and two, it contains several stories in one colorful, engaging book.

The Blue Wooden Horse by Orly Assa

This book is filled with imaginative and charming free-form poetry that is sure to delight readers of any age. The poems can all be read in one sitting or one at a time, to be used as topics of conversation with even the smallest children. As examples, the “carousel” and “swing” poems are excellent opportunities to talk with children about feeling safe and comforted whenever they’re out of their comfort zone. The “big, orangey fish” poem would be a good way to broach the sensitive subject of the death of a pet.

The illustrations are superbly colorful and eye-catching, and each one complements each story nicely. As a mother, a grandmother and former early childhood educator, I am very impressed with The Blue Wooden Horse. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for unique books to share with the children in their life.


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton