Review of The Betrayal by Valerie Constantine

THE BETRAYAL, a short story about manipulation, betrayal and heartache, by Valerie Constantine.

This is a story that revolves around a narcissist named Stewart who possesses an astounding ability to manipulate people.  He begins his conquest by preying on an unsuspecting girl, who is utterly rendered speechless by his charms. This girl Joanie, is overjoyed that Stewart, a drop dead gorgeous scoundrel… I mean man, is lavishing his attentions upon her. Stewart of course, is using this infatuation  she has with him to his advantage to begin to plan and orchestrate his ruse.

I found Valerie Constantine’s writing to be crisp and descriptive and always propelling forward.  I don’t think I The Betrayal Cover Photoever even took my eyes off the page until I finished the last one. Now that…is great writing!

I highly recommend giving this short story a read.  

~ 5 of 5 Stars, by reviewer Peg Glover