Review of The Backup Husband by Robert Germaux

When we first meet the main characters in The Backup Husband, Paul and Steven are college roomies and best friends. Steven and Samantha are in the very early stages of a casual relationship. Both men are good-looking and athletic. Although Paul’s background is wealthy and privileged, he’s grounded and a genuinely nice guy. Steven is kind-hearted and trusting.Samantha is a gorgeous blond bombshell and part-time model who quickly The Backup Husband by Robert Germauxbecomes the third part of their inseparable group.

As the story progresses, Steven and Samantha fall in love and marry right after graduation. All three of the friends secure promising jobs and life goes on. Paul, ever the accommodating friend, is often called upon to fill in for Steven, as Samantha’s “date” whenever Steven is occupied with work obligations. Because of this, Samantha coyly dubs Paul her “backup husband”. All is well until Samantha and Paul take their “backup marriage” a little too far.

While I was reading The Backup Husband I kept wondering how Steven could be so blatantly foolish and naive by entrusting his ravishing wife with his best friend. Honestly, as far as I was concerned all three of these people were equally culpable for the inevitable indiscretion.

I had a great deal of trouble liking Samantha’s character. She came off as a spoiled brat who knew she was gorgeous and had no problems using her looks to get what she wanted, even if it hurt the people she claimed to love most. Without giving away any spoilers, I had my aha moment when I realized there was definitely a reason why the author portrayed Samantha this way.

This book is more than just a story about one woman who thinks she’s in love with two men. We were all young at one time, and many of us did things without giving much thought to the consequences. This is what is at the heart of The Backup Husband. It’s about treasuring what and who we have in our lives. It’s about pausing before making life-changing decisions and reflecting on our choices before acting on them. It’s about taking responsibility for the results. It’s about love, betrayal and forgiveness.

Robert Germaux definitely has a way with words. It’s also apparent that he has an intimate knowledge of romance and the dynamics of the genuine love men and women can have for one another. He also has quite the fashion sense!

I would recommend The Backup Husband for readers looking for a different and unique take on love and romance!

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