Review of The After House by Michael Phillip Cash

Remy Galway is a divorced mother, forced to start a new life with her six year old daughter Olivia. Remy rents an old, historic cottage in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. It doesn’t take long for Remy to realize she and Olivia aren’t the only inhabitants in their new home. Little Olivia can see Captain Eli Gaspar, much to his annoyance. When even stranger, more dangerous things begin happening to Remy she realizes someone clearly wants hereBook Review Gal Book Review of The After House by Michael Phillip Cash gone permanently.

This is another fun, quick read from Michael Phillip Cash. I love the way the author is able to weave several stories into one interesting and engaging read. Mr. Cash’s ability to add history, romance, hauntings and a bit of family drama makes for a very appealing storyline.

Three  characters from “The Flip” were brought back in this book. I appreciated the idea of “sentinels” helping and watching over the departed and found this really added to the plot. The belief that there’s something more after we die is comforting to many people and this message is brought to the forefront in this book.

The one minor thing that confused me was Scott’s character. Maybe it was just me, but I didn’t see this plot twist coming and I felt as if it almost came out of nowhere. Other than that I’d say this is another hit for Michael Phillip Cash.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton