Review of Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich

This is the tenth book in Janet Evanovich’s hysterical Stephanie Plum Series. It follows in the same footsteps as its predecessors. It’s a laugh-out-loud, very funny mystery that is ridiculously unrealistic, sometimes silly, but always thoroughly enjoyable. Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich

Ditzy NJ bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and her ex-ho sidekick Lula find themselves witnessing a gang related robbery. The thief, Red Devil becomes aware that Stephanie Plum can positively ID him. So to the Red Devil, crazy bounty hunter Stephanie Plum becomes a problem…a problem that needs to be eliminated a.s.a.p. A contract for her head is instituted and suddenly Stephanie’s life is no longer her own. She is not only the hunter, but now she is also the hunted.  

Stephanie always has two male rescuers in her life – Joe Morelli, a NJ.cop and her long-time lover, and Ranger, a mysterious, too sexy for his own skin ex-special forces bounty hunter. Each book in this series tends to focus on Stephanie’s attraction to and her romantic interludes with, either Joe Morelli or Ranger, except for in this book. There is very little romance in it, which I found disappointing. I also found the way both these men behave in her life did not always ring true to their character’s nature.  

For instance, Stephanie is afraid for her life, and since Ranger is away, she breaks into his apartment for a safe place to stay. While there, she makes herself at home and enjoys (even though she feels guilty) Ranger’s personal items. I find it very uncharacteristic for control freak, over-protective cop, Italian Stallion Joe Morelli to be okay with Stephanie staying in Ranger’s apartment. It is unclear whether he even knows that Ranger is away, or if he is aware, then he doesn’t know when Ranger will be returning. And Ranger, who doesn’t do relationships beyond sex, ends up having a feelings conversation with the woman he finds in his bed. 

But all in all I enjoyed this book and if I didn’t know the characters as well as I do, these inconsistencies wouldn’t have bothered me at all. The book has lots of witty dialogue and funny outlandish situations. As a bonus, I have a new favorite character…Sally Sweet the transvestite. Just wait until you meet him, you are going to just love him..her

4 out of 5 stars, Review by Peg Glover