Review of Story Cure by Dinty W. Moore

I’ve often said that everyone has a story to tell. Most people dream about writing their book, but many of them soon find the process to be much more difficult than they’d ever imagine. The Story Cure is described as a collection of cures for writer’s block, plotting and characterization issues, and other ailments writers face when completing a novel or memoir, prescribed by the director of creative writing at Ohio University.” Written by well-known author and director of the MA and PhD in Creative Writing programs at Ohio University, Dinty W. Moore, The Story Cure is that and so much more.

I’ve read several how-to books on writing and I have to say that The Story Cure is by far my favorite. The book is filled with extremely practical and specific information on how to go about finally completing a novel, and is told in a highly entertaining, encouraging and motivational way. I’ve found most other writing how-to books to be either too vague or far too genre specific. Mr. Moore has written a book that will be of value to practically any would-be author.

The Story Cure is distinctively clever. By using a “symptom checker, diagnosis and cure” format, the author has made his book wonderfully unique and incredibly simple to use as a go-to reference guide. I especially appreciated Chapter 2, “Your First Breath” (Where Story Begins). As an avid reader, if a book doesn’t draw me in almost immediately I usually abandon it quickly. The section on “Bad Beginnings” was spot on AND humorous. The entire book is filled with this kind of excellent advice.

I’d highly recommend The Story Cure to anyone who has been thinking about writing a book, is in the process of writing a book or thinks that he or she is finished writing a book. Don’t hit publish until you’ve read The Story Cure. Thanks to Blogging for Books and the publisher for providing a complimentary copy of this book!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton