Review of Sand-Witch on Rye by Molly Dox


Katamara Wilson, aka Katy, is a not-so-typical wife living on the border of Not-So-Normal Town. Katy is a witch who is married to a “Normal”. Katy’s husband Chip is Not-So-Normal’s Police Chief and, together, they have a pretty ordinary married life…that is until the snooty Miss Priss is murdered in the ladies room at the local bowling alley and Katy becomes a suspect.

Sand-Witch on Rye is a super quick, entertaining read. The subtitle is accurate – this is most definitely a cozy mystery. No swearing, no gore and no sex. Just good, clean fun.

The author’s writing is engaging…she leaves out all the fluff that some writers add just to pad what could have been a shorter book. Sand-Witch on Rye contains a clear beginning, interesting middle and a satisfactory ending – all in just 123 pages, which is what makes this such a great read.

Although this is Book 1, there are NO cliffhangers! Thank you, Molly Dox. You’ve given readers an excellent start to what will become a favorite book series and I don’t have to purchase the next book to see how Book 1 ends. Excellent!

I’ll be reading more from Ms. Dox. I’ve already put her on my list of favorite authors!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton