Review of Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning

Shadowfever is the fifth book in Karen Marie Moning’s epic paranormal Fever series. The series begins in Georgia, with Jack and Rainey Lane adopting two sisters, MacKayla and Alina, from Ireland.Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning

Jack and Rainey Lane didn’t believe in the mystical myths that surrounded the girls, but the ominous warning that came with them was troubling. The message was clear, Mackayla and Alina were never to step foot on Irish soil.

The Lanes did their best to heed the warning given to them, but when Alina was granted a scholarship to study in Ireland, they caved. Jack and Rainey had no idea that their momentary lapse in judgment was going to cause a monumental chain of events that would change their world. Much to the Lane’s dismay, Mackayla would follow Alina into Ireland, not to enjoy the sites, but to investigate her sister’s murder.

After just a few months in Ireland, MacKayla was completely transformed. She traded in her sweet innocence and became a fierce warrior, killing every unseelie in her path. She met a rich mercenary, Jericho Barrons, who became her savior, mentor, lover and arch adversary. The two of them would dance around, in their on-again, off-again, love-hate relationship, sparing with each other for several months. Readers will be happy to know that their lingering questions regarding MacKayla and Jericho’s relationship are all answered in this book.

Barrons was a complete mystery to MacKayla. She knew he wasn’t human, he couldn’t be. Why else would  powerful non-human entities flee from him?

The Sinsar Dubh was the darkest black magic book ever created. It was pure evil. The book would overtake any unfortunate person who was curious enough to pick it up. It would then morph that individual into a killing machine. MacKayla knew the only way to stop the spreading evil was to capture the Sinsar Dubh. But how? Could she pick it up? She wasn’t as human as she thought she was. This evil was chasing, talking and toying with her. So who was she, that this book of black magic would know her? MacKayla was discovering that no one was who she thought they were. Illusion was everywhere. And now, so was war.

I found book five, Shadowfever, to be the best in the series. The plot was intriguing, fast paced and complex.  The characters unique and well-developed. The banter between MacKayla and Jericho Barrons was hysterical.  I would suggest reading the books in order, because each book builds upon the previous one. I guarantee that once you begin this series, you won’t want to stop.

5 out of 5 stars, Review by Peg Glover