Review of Sex and Romance, What You Should’ve Learned as a Teen by Mark Andre Alexander

This book is the third installment in Mark Andre Alexander’s What You Should’ve Learned as a Teen series and I must say I was blown away. Although it’s a fairly short read, Mr. Alexander has packed a huge amount of valuable and Sex and Romance by Mark Andre Alexanderperceptive information for readers.

How many of us would have appreciated if someone had taken the time to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom with our teenage selves? How much of what you know now would have saved you a great deal of time, pain, heartache, and even money in your younger years? I’m willing to bet most of us would jump at that opportunity. I know I would.

Who is this book for? Parents, teachers, counselors, clergymen, and basically anyone working and counseling teens and tweens will find this book an invaluable resource. The information laid out by Mr. Alexander can be used to gently guide and encourage one of our most impressionable societal groups – teens. How many parents have the “sex talk” with their teens, but make no mention of the very different ways each gender views sex in the first place? Sex and Romance, What You Should’ve Learned as a Teen is also for adults who might find themselves struggling with romantic and sexual relationships. Knowing how you’ve been hardwired according to gender will undoubtedly lessen the frustration, while pointing you in a more constructive direction.

At the heart of this particular book is the often-overlooked fact that men and women really are different. Society has done its best to drill into our heads that we are all equal in all aspects of life, regardless of gender. However, when it comes to romantic and sexual relationships, and the way each group views them, gender does matter. We definitely are not equal in this regard. Mark Alexander insightfully delves into:

  • The differences between men and women
  • How we often confuse sex and romance, and the mistakes we make when we do so
  • The truth about love, friendship and happiness

As a parent of three children – two boys and one girl – Sex and Romance really hit home. There were several ah ha moments for me. As an example, the concept that sexual excitement is as intoxicating as drugs and alcohol, and can lead to impaired judgment rung absolutely true. I remember clearly telling my children about the dangerous consequences of drinking and driving. Yet, I’m certain I left out any mention of how equally dangerous sexual intoxication can be.

Additionally, Mr. Alexander’s chapter discussing the “war against boys” and our culture’s current trend of discouraging natural boy-based behaviors by labeling them “aggressive” is another important topic for discussion. To explain this concept further, he includes an excerpt from his previous book in the series, Creating Your Life. Mr. Alexander states, “Has it ever occurred to you that the reason that there are so many boys in men’s bodies is because these boys never went through a rite of passage to change their picture? Genius.

Sex and Romance, What You Should’ve Learned as a Teen is filled with insightful quotes, common sense advice, and delightful prose. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to get a better understanding of the differences between the sexes as a way to enjoy more fulfilling and loving relationships. I intend to read the previous two books in this series!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton