Review of Seek ‘N Find by Teresa McKinley

Red is an eleven-year-old girl who lives with her grandmother, Nonny, in the small town of Carlston Corners. Seek ‘N Find follows the lives of Red and her two cousins, KarlaMae and Davison one summer back in the early 1970s. Red’s mother (Nonny’s daughter) had passed just the year before of cancer and Red is still dealing with the loss and grief. Red is an inquisitive,Seek 'N Find by Teresa McKinley likeable and intelligent little girl, with a penchant for adventure and more than a bit of secret detective work. When she gets it into her head to find out just what her seemingly cantankerous Great-Grandma Bertie (who lives next door) is hiding in her backyard shed, Red is unstoppable. She enlists the help of her two cousins, and partners in crime, through a variety of escapades and mishaps. However, when Red finally gets to the bottom of the mystery, she finds that she’s not so sure she’s ready for the truth after all.

Seek ‘N Find is a charming slice of life novel that will appeal to both children and adults. I was reminded ever so slightly of the works of Carson McCullers, whom I admire greatly. At first, I feared that the “down home dialect” would grow tiresome after awhile, but it didn’t and I felt it lent itself nicely to the story. The characters were charming and realistic. Teresa McKinley paints a descriptive and appealing portrait of a loving Southern family, which drew me into the story from the start.

I would definitely recommend Seek ‘N Find to anyone who is looking to lose themselves for a short while in a lovely story of family, love, misunderstandings, quirky characters and a bit of mysticism to boot. I’m sure youngsters will be intrigued by the storyline, as well as with the cast of characters. I’ll be looking for more from this talented author in the future!


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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