Review of See Bride Run by Charlotte Hughes

I absolutely loved See Bride Run. The characters are endearing and the author, Charlotte Hughes, portrays them in such a lovely way. There’s so much character detail that I could picture each of them in my imagination. At times, I thought the story was going along as a typical chick lit. Then suddenly the author threw in some fantastic plot surprises that I just didn’t see coming and my jaw dropped.

I loved learning about what it’s like living in a small town and was totally rooting for SamSee Bride Run by Charlotte Hughes and Annie. The author made each character unique in their own way, yet I was able to easily connect with them. Even the characters I didn’t like were the characters I wasn’t supposed to like (Eldon and Annie’s Father) so the author did the writing justice there.

Charlotte Hughes is a master at injecting just the right amount of humor. There were some brilliant laugh out loud moments in the story, especially concerning Darla. Equally, there were lots of tender, passionate and fiery moments between Annie and Sam.

I would love to see a sequel with these characters to see how life is progressing for them in their world. Really brilliantly written story, with only a few minor editing problems. The only thing I felt didn’t quite fit was the speed in which Sam and Annie went from a strained relationship to being in love. But I was able to look past that and suspend reality because of the great story. I can’t wait to read more by Charlotte Hughes.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Anastasia Bird