Review of Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Natural Born Charmer is a delightful contemporary fictional story, filled with funny situations and witty dialog. The characters in this book will win your heart, stir your Natural Born Charmer cover photoemotions, and make you laugh.

Thirty-year-old Blue Bailey learned from a very young age that people could not be trusted. Everyone she had ever loved left her. She decided that it would be easier to feel the heartache of loneliness, than to suffer the stinging pain of betrayal and rejection. So Blue Bailey hid herself behind a smart mouth, oversized tee shirts, combat boots and a badass attitude.

Pro-football player Dean Robillard smiled when he spotted a woman dressed in a beaver suit stomping alongside the highway blazing with anger. Intrigued, he pulled his car over. He had no idea that his life was about to change forever.  Blue Bailey on the other hand had no idea that she was about to let in a self-centered selfish man who would crack her inner fortress, and break her heart.

Blue Bailey marched along the Tennessee highway, furious and fit to be tied. Her bank account had been ransacked, her car rendered useless, and if she didn’t get out of her beaver suit soon she was going to drop from heat exhaustion. So when Pro-football star Dean Robillard stopped to offer her a ride, she took it.

Dean was used to women falling all over him. So when Blue Bailey refused his charms, he was stunned.  Who was this girl? She certainly wasn’t a beauty queen dressed in men’s clothing and combat boots. She should feel lucky that he even acknowledged her presence at all. But the more time Dean spent with Blue, the more he discovered that her thick sarcastic exterior was just a cover for the insecure beautiful girl who lived beneath it.

Blue couldn’t understand why she even cared about Dean. He was a conceited jerk, and treated his mother as if she were dead. Blue got it though, he had been abandoned, but so had she. Maybe her mother wasn’t a druggie like Dean’s, but at least his mother was trying to be there now for him. That was more than she could say about hers. Blue had to get away from Dean Robillard. She was playing with fire and her heart was about to be broken. So Blue took a job painting a portrait for a mean-spirited hateful woman, who would end up befriending her.

Natural Born Charmer is a well written, funny and emotional read, crafted with several subplots. Susan Elizabeth Phillips does a fabulous job developing her secondary characters. She depicts for the reader the overwhelming guilt that hits a parent when they realize, that their self-indulgent lifestyle has left permanent scars upon their children. Each character in Natural Born Charmer pulled my heartstrings, except Dean Robillard. He never won me over.  I loved the character of Blue Bailey though; she’s sassy, smart and funny and has a beautiful loving heart.

The common thread in Natural Born Charmer is about relationships, the pain of them, and the joy of them and how some relationships are just worth fighting for, no matter what. I loved this book, it moved me emotionally, and made me laugh. It’s unrealistic, but it’s so enjoyable that it really didn’t matter. I read the book in one day.

I highly recommend Natural Born Charmer. Be prepared to laugh and ride a roller coaster of emotions. Smart mouth, badass Blue Bailey is going to win you over. I guarantee it.

5 out of 5 stars, Review by Peg Glover