Review of Me Too by Jon Weece

We all go through trials and tribulations in our lives. No one said it would be an easy, eBook Review Gal Book Review of Me Too by Jon Weececarefree life. The Bible does not tell us this. In fact, the Bible is filled with passages that detail the struggles of even the most faithful of God’s followers. The key is having faith in a God who is accessible to any of us whenever we need Him. This is what’s at the heart of Me Too.

There are plenty of references scattered throughout this book, to show us examples of God’s love for His children. However, many, many of them are the author’s personal references. There are numerous personal stories about the author, and the author’s daughter, family and friends. This is fine to a certain degree of course, but I found that they overpowered the book. To me, it began to read more like a personal memoir than a reference book on spiritual growth.

I found Me Too to be a very basic book about turning to God in times of sorrow – something most Christians are quite familiar with. Maybe it would appeal more to someone who is currently doubting God’s love. I already know God loves me no matter what negative and even awful things that might be going on in my life. I know He’s ready to listen to me when I’m ready to talk about things.

I didn’t like the print book’s formatting. There’s a space after every single paragraph throughout the book – for what reason, I’m not sure. In my opinion, this made the book choppy and it disrupted the flow of the author’s narration. It’s a short book to begin with. Without all the extra space, it probably would have been half the length that it is now.


3 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

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