Review of Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott

Alex and Madigan were childhood friends since kindergarten – until Madigan’s family suddenly moved away. Alex is thrilled to bump into Madigan again years later when they’re both in their twenties. They renew their relationship, but this time it’s become a dark and warped romance. After a violent argument, Madigan leaves a relieved Alex. But when he learns of Madigan’s suicide he becomes more involved with Madigan than he ever thought possible.

eBook Review Gal Book Review of Madigan Mine by Kirstyn McDermott

I chose this book because of its description. The synopsis grabbed me and intrigued me enough to give it a try. Once I began reading I realized that Madigan Mine is far from just being a twisted love story. There’s a sophisticated and gripping paranormal element to it that I found quite unique.

Ms. McDermott is a clever and entertaining writer with a definite talent for creating compelling characters and an engaging plot. It was difficult for me to believe that this was her debut novel, the writing is that good.

The only “complaints” I have would be that I thought the paranormal scenes in the book became a tad monotonous at times. The author is careful to give readers a few story crumbs here and there to build up suspense, but I guess I’m impatient and I wanted to know more upfront.

My other “issue” was with the witch and witchcraft elements in this book – like witches don’t already have a bad enough reputation on television, movies and books. Also, male witches don’t call themselves warlocks. A witch is a witch regardless of gender. Most male witches consider the term warlock to be offensive. Despite these things I still found this book worth the read.

All in all I’d have to say that Madigan Mine is an interesting and unique horror/paranormal novel that should appeal to fans of these genres. I’ve no doubt that we’ll be seeing more from this author in the future!

4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton