Review of Light Remains by A. C. Fuller

Light Remains is a very brief book (73 pages), containing three short stories:

  • Can You Hear Me Now?
  • Celebrity-Prayers.Net
  • The Last Day on Earth of Zelta Jones, Starwoman

I found each of these stories to be incredibly unique, well written and highly entertaining. Although the author has written about some dark subjects – suicide and drug abuse to name two – he’s managed to do it in such a way that readers can easily identify and sympathize with the characters, regardless of their own situation.

Although these stories are short, the author weaves an intricate tale each time. The stories are short, yet they’re filled with deep meaning, and likable, relatable characters.

Short stories are a great way to sample a writer’s work. Light Remains has convinced me that it would be worth reading more from this author.

5 of 5 Stars, Susan Barton