Review of Juggler’s Blade by Rob Ross

The Juggler’s Blade is the first book in Rob Ross’s Juggler’s Trilogy. It’s a fictional tale that is filled with fantasy, suspense and intrigue.Juggler's Blade by Rob Ross

Ian is a young juggler who had no idea that he lived in a world where magic existed in people called the D’Natai. The Immortal Heralds, the rulers of the land, forbade any use of this D’Natai magic. They would scour the land hunting the D’Natai down, strip them of their magic and then make them their slaves.

Ian wasn’t aware that he was a D’Natai until he released some magic accidentally  during a  juggling act. He also didn’t realize that he was being hunted, until the Herald Isidore burned his uncle to death for refusing to reveal Ian’s whereabouts to her.

Since Ian’s family were now all deceased, Jolland- a D’Natai – took Ian under her wing. She led him down into the sewers where his new home was located. She then introduced him to the pack, who would become his new family.

Della, the pack leader, started Ian’s training right away. She taught him how to use his magical power of manipulating moving objects to his, and the packs’, best advantage.

Jolland’s mission was to save and gather as many D’Natai as possible. Jolland secretly formed and scattered about as many packs as she could.

Della had a different mission in mind. She wanted revenge against the Immortals. As soon as her pack was trained and her plans were in order she was declaring war.

I found the Juggler’s Blade to be meticulously thought out and well-written, with complexity and depth. The characters were unique and developed and their dialogue realistic. The story ending, however, left me with many questions. So if you don’t mind waiting until Book Two to have your questions satisfied, then this book is for you. I would highly recommend giving this intriguing fantasy a read.

4 out of 5 stars, Review by Peg Glover