Review of Judgement of Souls by Margarita Felices

Can an entire vampire population be destroyed?Judgement of Souls book cover

The vampire elders congregated and called to order a secret meeting. The grim reality of what they were facing was that their entire vampire existence was now being threatened. There was an evil so monumental and savage, that it could very well destroy them or change them forever. And this group of vampires knew exactly who had set them up for their demise. It was Max, one of their own elders, an ancient and  mighty vampire.

Max had always craved power and control. And the unleashing of this mammoth evil from Hell has always been part of his plan for greatness. Max was convinced that once he released this evil from Hell’s prison, she would look upon him like a favored child and grant him an unlimited amount of dominance and prestige.

Rachel is a pure blood ancient vampire. And she knows Max very well. Rachel had even loved him once, but that was before he exposed his true colors and betrayed her. Ever since then, they have played a cat and mouse game. But whenever Rachel had gotten close to Max, he would elude her. And she was not about to allow that to happen again. He had hurt her and her family, and now Daniel – the mortal man she loves.

When a battle came upon them, Daniel would fight right alongside of Rachel’s friend, Arun. They would both wheel their swords until every head of their enemies was on the ground rolling around like hairy run away bowling balls.

This was a riveting and fast paced novel. I wouldn’t plan on any projects while reading this, because you’re going to be too busy flipping pages and riding on an emotional roller coaster, at full speed.

~ 4 of 5 Stars, by reviewer Peg Glover