Review of Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge

Jane, Celia and Margot are sisters, who own a successful tea salon in San Francisco. Life hasn’t been easy since their father fled the country after being accused of embezzlement, but the three sisters pulled together to make a home for teenage Margot. Things are going well until their new landlord evicts them. They decide a radical change is necessary, so they pick up and move to Austin, where their lives change in ways they’d never imagined.

For the most part, I adored this book. It was a sweet, feel-good story of sisterly love, young romance, deception, redemption and so much more. There are so many lovely elements at play here. At first, I wasn’t too sure about the author’s writing – the beginning seemed clipped and unemotional, but I think that was the author’s way of allowing Jane’s character to come through. As the story progressed, I quickly settled in and became emotionally invested in the story.

Without giving away any spoilers, there were two very large coincidences at play that I found to be a bit difficult to believe. However, I didn’t find them to be so over the top that it altered my opinion of the overall book.

By far, my favorite character is Callum Beckett. The author did a phenomenal job writing from this character’s POV. The one comment I’d like to pass along is that Marine(s) should always be capitalized, but it was not in the book. As a Marine mom, this irked me. Again…not a deal breaker, but definitely worth mentioning.

I’m not sure why this book is listed as Christian fiction. I wouldn’t classify it as such at all. It is, however, a clean romance novel, so kudos for that. No swearing and kissing is about as far as any of the characters go.

Overall, this is a wonderful, uplifting book. Thanks to Blogging for Books and the publisher for providing a complimentary copy!

4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton