Review of How to Weep in Public by Jacqueline Novak

To be honest, I’m not even sure why I chose this book. Making jokes about depression? Many people might think it’s crass and insensitive (myself included). Depression is a serious matter, right? Depression is a debilitating condition that can contribute to all sorts of devastating physical and mental ailments – most dangerously, suicide. The fact that the eBook Review Gal Book Review of How to Weep in Public by Jacqueline Novakauthor shares that she suffers from the condition apparently gives her permission to make light of it. Did I say, “oh well in that case let the jokes begin”? Not really.

This is a unique spin on the “self-help” book. I’ll give the author that. She’s indeed funny at times, but she’s a comedian so she’d better be funny. The back cover states that she’s hilarious, but I wouldn’t go that far. Her humor leans more toward the snarky side and it got old…fast.

My calling this a self-help book isn’t exactly accurate anyway, since the author advises readers to embrace their depression. There’s no motivation to rid yourself of depression after all, but of course, this book is a tongue in cheek view of the subject – if there is such a thing.  In the last chapter, the author actually says, “…this book gave you nothing, it is the book that keeps on giving. It will never stop giving you nothing.  …You’re welcome.” In other words, it was written for laughs and nothing more. Like one long and monotonous comedy routine.

I wasn’t impressed with How to Weep in Public, nor can I recommend it. You could probably check out one of Ms. Novak’s YouTube videos to get a feel for her comedy routine before purchasing the book.


3 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

eBook Review Gal received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.