Review of Happy Habits by Vicki Morris

eBook Review Gal Book Review of Happy Habits by Vicki MorrisHappy Habits begins by defining happiness and its value to life.  Since most of us want to be happy, this book is a great process for achieving it. The book defines a system to gain personal happiness within your day. With a small amount of time and some free resources, Happy Habits provides a way to achieve this. One can easily add the methods to their schedule without giving up anything else.

So often, we’re told how to change our lives to be happy, but the process seems so overwhelming that happiness feels very far away. Happy Habits eliminates any emotional strain. By following the program outlined in the book, you can achieve happiness within just four minutes a day. Whether your life is complicated or simple, Happy Habits will help you add more happiness to your day. Highly recommended!


5 of 5 Stars, Review by R. Gayle Hawkins for eBook Review Gal