Review of Gold (Wanted: Miss Jane Mutta) by Ryn Shell

This book introduces readers to Miss Jane Mutta, a twenty nine year old “spinster” who eBook Review Gal Book Review of Gold by Ryn Shellstudies dentistry at University and aspires to open her own practice. Since she has the misfortune to be living in the mid-1800s Jane finds it extremely difficult to carry through with her plan. Women weren’t exactly first-class citizens during this time.

When she’s paid to travel and set up shop in the Australian colony, Jane is accompanied by her parents and a lawman since it’s determined she needs chaperoning and protection. Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong and Jane is left to her own devices to continue on her quest, which has become a much more dangerous undertaking than she’d ever thought possible.

This is a short book with an old-fashioned feel. I found it interesting and entertaining. It’s easy for modern women to forget how far we’ve come over the centuries and I appreciated Jane’s spunky refusal to be treated so poorly by men.

The book is told in bits and pieces and I was confused once or twice that I’d missed something. Then a few chapters later the author would insert some information and I was able to catch up again. I would have liked a bit more backstory about Jane’s parents and what actually happened to them. I got the gist, but I think that part of the story should have been made a bit clearer for readers.

Douglas Fife’s character doesn’t appear until closer to the end of this book. It seemed that I was just getting interested in Jane and Douglas’s relationship and the book ended. Clearly this is in anticipation for the next book in this series. Therefore, I would hesitate to call Gold a standalone novel. While I really did enjoy reading about Jane’s life before she’d met Douglas, if readers want to find out more about how this relationship progresses they’ll have to purchase the next book.

4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton