Review of Gluten Free Recipes by Paula Patterson and Jacqueline Moore

This book begins with an introduction that includes some solid advice not only for going gluten-free, but also for taking control of your health through proper diet and exercise. eBook Review Gal Book Review of Gluten Free Recipes by Paula Patterson and Jacqueline MooreThe book addresses both gluten-free and gluten-free vegan diets and explains the difference and the benefits of each.

Many consumers still don’t understand what gluten is and how it is processed in the body. Many people are gluten sensitive and don’t even know it. Personally, I lived for years without knowing I was experiencing the nasty effects of gluten sensitivity. The authors list the symptoms of Celiac disease in detail, and these symptoms are often experienced by people with even minor gluten sensitivities. Going gluten-free has been one of the wisest dietary choices I’ve made and can honestly say it’s not nearly as difficult to do as one might think.

The book then discusses a vegan lifestyle. The authors talk about the many reasons why many consumers are going vegan. A generous and extensive chapter on vegan and gluten substitutes is included.

From there the book goes into recipes. I found this enormously beneficial, since purchasing ready-made gluten-free pastas, breads, snacks and other grocery items can be extremely expensive.

There’s a nice selection of recipes included and I found plenty of things I’d never even thought of but will most definitely try now. There are also sections on slow cooker recipes, dining out and helpful tips at the end of the book.

Whether you’ve already switched to a gluten-free diet or are still sitting on the fence about it, I recommend this book!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton