Review of From the Heart by Rosemary Hines

Eighty-six year old Joan Walker has loved only one man throughout her life. Phil was a eBook Review Gal Book Review of From the Heart by Rosemary Hinespastor and a wonderful, loving husband. Unfortunately, cancer has taken Phil away from Joan and she’s left to go on without him. Although Joan has her own pastor and his wife to help her when necessary, Joan struggles to find her way in her new life without Phil.

From the Heart is probably one of the sweetest stories I’ve read in a long time. Rosemary Hines does a wonderful job of expressing the heartbreak experienced by a grieving widow. This is a lovely story, filled with positive affirmations that many of us can learn from. Even when something as traumatic as the death of a spouse occurs, we can still find solace in helping others. Ms. Hines turns a painful tale of loss into one of hope and comfort.

I would highly recommend reading this book and grabbing the series. I’ve already downloaded Book 1 and intend to do just that!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton