Review of Firetale by Dante E. Graves

Who doesn’t like a circus? Clowns, high wire acts, and animal tricks are what one would Firetale by Dante Gravesexpect to see at a circus right? Well this was no ordinary circus. Lazarus Bernardius, an immortal, was appointed by the devil as Ringmaster of a peculiar kind of traveling circus. The circus was not about earning money. It was about survival. This circus family was a combination of demionis, supernatural powers and creatures of all sorts that are all descendants of demons from hell. The circus was a way of protecting them from layman.

The immortal ringmaster, Bernardius, was summoned by the devil in 1871. He was given the difficult task of housing the circus creatures and keeping them safe from the Judges – a team of present-day inquisitors who search and destroy supernatural creatures.

Bernardius was doing a wonderful job keeping the creatures hidden from the Judges, at least until he added Greg to his circus family. Greg was a fire magician who performed fire tricks for the fans. He used a crystal ball and birds in his act, although he didn’t need the crystal ball because he wasn’t actually doing tricks. He was the real thing: an actual magician. During his act, his crystal ball would light up and illuminate the face of villains in the audience.

Greg’s features were human-like, so he was able to blend in with ordinary people. Although he was forbidden to leave the circus on his own, Greg felt compelled to track down and execute any villain he had spotted during his act. To the ringmaster’s dismay, these executions drew the unwanted attention of the Judges. Fortunately, the old ringmaster had a few tricks up his sleeve in order to protect Greg and the circus. But could the mortal Judges outwit Greg’s supernatural powers? He was a force to be reckoned with.

I loved the author’s creative imagination. The many creatures in this story were described in great detail. Some of the creatures were depicted as lovely and some were bad and gory. It was difficult at times to follow all the creatures’ journeys of survival but at the end of the story, I was anxious to know what happens next. Firetale is a must read for all fantasy lovers. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Monica McDaniel for eBook Review Gal.