Review of Fear of Falling by Ellen Ann Dean

I enjoyed reading Fear of Falling, I felt the characters were very relatable and it was easy to put yourself in their shoes. There were no noticeable errors in the text, and it was a Fear of Falling by Ellen Ann Deannice easy read.

However, that being said, I felt from the start I could predict the entire story, and I wasn’t wrong. There were no twists to shock me, and nothing to divert the expectations, so it was highly predictable. The story didn’t make me feel compelled to finish the book – there was no urgency to find out what happens and I wasn’t gripped.

Nevertheless, Fear of Falling is a nice easy read, the characters are lovely – especially Nate Hawthorne (swoon!). This book would be a nice holiday read or something that doesn’t require much thought. I think this is the author’s first book (I wasn’t sure, since there were no details in the back of the book about previous novels) so I’ll be interested to see her storytelling develop and improve, as I feel her writing skills are exceptional.


4 of 5 Stars, Review by Anastasia Bird