Review of Delano in Hollyhook by Cameron Glenn

Delano Farnsworth grew up without his parents, having been left in an uncle’s care on his third birthday. Growing up, Delano read many stories about orphaned kids with glamorous lives. These fantastical orphans were cool and lived daring, magical lives. Yet, Delano knew these glamorous lives weren’t real. Orphans didn’t live this way and he was living Delano in Hollyhook Book Cover by Cameron Glennproof.

Delano wanted to know more about his parents, since he had so many questions. He’d often ask his uncle about them but would only receive vague answers. Finally, one morning, Uncle Ted said Delano was old enough to know the truth. They were having “the talk” after school that day.

Later, at school, Delano was so busy daydreaming he couldn’t concentrate. During class, a red metallic wasp stung him on the neck, yet no one else saw it happen. Was it a hallucination? The sting made him dizzy and sick. When he rushed home, he found that Uncle Ted wasn’t home. Even more bizarre – the bathroom mirror was suddenly a video screen showing scenes from a “misfit camp”. Delano was offered an all-expense paid trip to a place he could feel free and be himself. All he needed to do was board the awaiting Zeppelin.

Delano in Hollyhook is a fast-paced story that really kicks off after Delano’s arrival at summer camp. After discovering that the camp is not what it seems to be, Delano and his new friends investigate the camp’s true purpose. I could not put this book down! The characters embark on a journey that’s jam-packed with breath-holding events and aha moments. Readers are able to jump into a magical carnival ride of mystery to unravel the real purpose of Hollyhook. I would love to see this story become a movie!


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Monica McDaniel for eBook Review Gal

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