Review of Come Find Me by Travis Neighbor Ward

Come Find Me begins with Jessica and her teenage daughter, Chelsea, driving through a snowstorm. Chelsea’s recent break up with her boyfriend has left her heartbroken and like any caring mother, Jessica wants to ease Chelsea’s pain. It’s time for Jessica to share her own story of young love with her daughter and from there we follow the tender tale of Jessica and Mark.Come Find Me by Travis Neighbor Ward

Jessica and Mark met one summer when they were just sixteen years old. For just six intense weeks, they were inseparable, and although they were young, they both knew the bond they had formed was unbreakable. Unfortunately, both Jessica and Mark were from military families and their promises to stay in touch were soon impossible to keep.

Years pass and Jessica endures the pain and tragedy of losing her father and her brother-in-law to war. At just twenty-six, she busies herself with working at her animal sanctuary while helping her young widowed sister with her now fatherless children. She’s only partially content with the fact that she’s engaged to wealthy Canadian, Blake, an entitled and arrogant jerk… until Mark appears on her mother’s doorstep one day.

Come Find Me is a sweet and charming story of young love, missed opportunities and second chances. I found myself rooting for Mark to win over Jessica once again, and hoped Jessica would see through Blake’s phony, not so cleverly disguised fake facade. In fact, readers aren’t quite sure who Jessica married, until very near the conclusion of the book. The one problem I had with the story was that Jessica’s final decision was more or less made for her, but not wanting to give any spoilers, I won’t share that.

If you enjoy a true love story and not a bunch of gratuitous sex and one-dimensional characters, you’ll appreciate Come Find Me. I highly recommend it!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton