Review of Chasing Lady Midnight by C. L. Ragsdale

Hannelore Brunswick, aka Annie, aka Lady Midnight is a superhero and so is her sister Isabel aka Protostar. In fact, Lady Midnight’s entire family is made up of superheroes and they’re part of The Mighty Superhero Security Squad (The Squad for short). The Squad is made up of superhero good guys (and girls) whose job it is to protect mankind from evil doers. When The Squad goes bad Lady Midnight finds herself on her own in her quest to save the world.

eBook Review Gal Book Review of Chasing Lady Midnight by C. L. Ragsdale

When I read this book’s description, I was intrigued. A “superhero cozy mystery” is certainly unique. And, Chasing Lady Midnight certainly is just that – unique! It’s also great fun. What an imagination Ms. Ragsdale must have. She’s created a fascinating world of superheroes, villains, agencies and more.

The book is written from the POV of Hannelore (Lady Midnight). There is definitely some faith-based writing inserted in this book. The author mentions God, God’s will, etc. I was reminded of one of the seven deadly sins when I first read the blurb: A superhero agency that was once good, but now “Wealth and prestige seem to have become the main goals of The Squad instead.” (Gluttony?) Yet, I would have to say that the book is definitely not preachy. It simply speaks to our current society and human nature in general.

Hannelore is likable, with faults that most readers can relate to. The story is satirical, witty, quirky and entertaining. It’s a short book and the author’s easy writing style makes it a breezy read. Definitely something to read while enjoying a poolside afternoon.


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton