Review of Charlotte’s Restrained by Celia Kennedy

Charlotte is an attractive twenty-something, with a promising career and several glamorous, wealthy friends of various nationalities. She’s had a crush on Hollywood heartthrob, Des Bannerman, for some time before a “chance” encounter at a French casino brings the two of them face to face. Leave it to the opportunistic local paparazzi to be present to Charlotte's Restrained by Celia Kennedydocument and report on a series of mishaps between Des and
Charlotte on and off the ski slopes.

Des seems to laugh it off good-naturedly, but when Charlotte is slapped with a restraining order prohibiting any further contact with Des, Charlotte is angry, embarrassed and puzzled all at once. The restraining order soon becomes a major problem for Charlotte’s personal and professional life. Fortunately, Charlotte’s brand new hot and steamy romance with sexy Irishman, Liam, takes her mind off her legal problems.

I had some difficulty getting into Charlotte’s Restrained. I had trouble relating to this privileged jet-setting group of wealthy beauties whose problems seemed trivial to me at times. However, that’s what’s great about reading a book – you’re given the opportunity to escape into the lives of characters that may be quite different from yours.

Celia Kennedy’s writing if funny, smart and sophisticated. I would have liked to see one final formatting and edit pass prior to publication, but this didn’t take too much away from the book. I would recommend Charlotte’s Restrained to readers looking for a fun, lighthearted book to read by the pool.

4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton