Review of CEO at 20 by Ben Gothard

eBook Review Gal Book Review of CEO at 20 by Ben Gothard

CEO at 20 is a brief, thirty-four page guide for someone looking for a friendly and motivating push toward realizing his or her goals. Geared toward entrepreneurs, it offers practical advice.

I found this book to be both positive and motivating. Although the author is still young, he writes with a maturity that should be commended. While many of his peers might still be struggling to find themselves, Mr. Gothard clearly knows what he wants and is willing to share with others what he’s learned in his few short years. All of these things are admirable qualities in someone this young.

Just a few things I would have liked in terms of book layout. Although this book is super short, it could have benefited from being broken down into chapters. I feel this would have made it easier to follow. A table of contents could have then been inserted for easy reference. I do see that I can use my Kindle taskbar to quickly go to a specific section, however, so it’s certainly not a big issue.

In particular, I’d recommend this book to young people, interested in starting a business. Good, positive and motivational reading!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton