Review of Butterfly Season by Natasha Ahmed

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Monica’s first eBook Review Gal book review is a review of Natasha Ahmed’s debut novella, Butterfly Season

Butterfly Season by Natasha Ahmed

Going on a vacation to another country to visit relatives is so exciting.  Experiencing and learning about a different culture other than your own is something I find interesting and would love to do someday. Rumi, the main character in the book, Butterfly Season by Natasha Ahmed, is a vivacious young woman eager to experience all life can give.  While visiting her sister in England, Rumi is released into a world different from her own, and away from her strict upbringing.

When Rumi and her sister Juveria lost both of their parents, Juveria was already married and Rumi was the only one left at home.  Rumi went to live with her uncle in Pakistan.  Her uncle is a Pakistani conservative.  Even though Juveria, Rumi’s sister, lives in England, it amazes people how she is still a conservative Pakistani. On the other hand, Rumi, living in Pakistan, is very liberal and comfortable living in the western world.

Mahira, Rumi’s best friend in England, and her husband Faizan, invited her and Faizan’s friend Ahad to dinner and that’s where Rumi’s world was turned upside down! Ahad is a handsome successful gentleman that enjoys the company of beautiful ladies. Rumi was smitten by Ahad’s charm. The dinner party was a success. Everyone had a great time.  Rumi really did like Ahad, but knew it was forbidden to date without a chaperone according to Pakistani tradition and this would displease her sister.

Ahad just could not get Rumi out of his mind. Being quite the ladies’ man with a reputation of liking a certain type of woman; Ahad could not understand his own feelings. What is it about this girl? She is young and Pakistani!

Ahad and Rumi had several dates. Each date made her have a strong desire to be with him. I love the way the author made me believe in this relationship. These two people were from two different worlds and having different values but were destined to be together.  Rumi was a little nervous the relationship was moving way too fast and she was unclear about how Ahad felt.

This book kept me turning pages wanting to know how Rumi would handle all the tough situations she had to face if she was to date Ahad. How was she to deal with her family, when they tried to force her into unthinkable Pakistani conservative ways? Was she to move on in life and be willing to accept her family’s humiliation due to her behavior? Could two people from two different worlds be able to withstand all the pressures life has to give?

Not only is this a great story, I love the way the characters are true to life.  I would recommend reading this book if you love romance and mystery. The message this book gives is “we’re not so different. At the end of the day, we have so much common ground.”  I would love to see a series made from this story.

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