Review of Boss Lessons: Leadership Skills and Mindfulness Habits to Transform Your Life and Save Your Career by Mickey Hadick

“Boss Lessons” begins with an introduction that discusses why you should even care about eBook Review Gal Book Review of Boss Lessons by Mickey Hadickimproving your leadership skills and the ways it will help you do just that. The author states this book will:

  • Identify your natural leadership style
  • Help you assess the skills you have
  • Teach other leadership styles
  • Inspire you to develop the habits necessary to live a mindful, intentional life

The author includes a number of personal experiences that are sure to strike a chord with many readers. His conversational style drew me in from the start. I especially liked the idea of journaling and how it can be quite useful when trying to learn a new skill, since writing things down allows us put things in better perspective. It’s a simple idea that will take very little time each day and one I have every intention of putting to use soon.

Mr. Hadick doesn’t just present dry facts. Instead, he gently guides readers. For instance, he addresses the importance of practicing mindfulness and ways in which to do it. He explains mindfulness as “being present in the moment” and how it allows us to concentrate on “the task at hand”. This makes perfect sense, since it’s difficult to improve anything about ourselves if our minds are filled with a thousand other things at once. The author talks about how meditation can be beneficial. His section on leadership styles goes into great detail and I found it particularly interesting.

If you happen to be a boss, “Boss Lessons” might just help to improve your leadership skills. This book will also motivate anyone who wishes to move up to a leadership role. If you’re wondering why you’re still waiting for that managerial promotion and how you can improve your chances then this book is for you too. Finally, if you’d like to teach people to achieve their own leadership goals I’d recommend getting a copy of this book.


5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton

eBook Review Gal received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.