Review of Blood Tithe by Glenn Soucy

Blood Tithe is a fascinating young adult novel, filled with adventure, magical powers and evil villains. The story centers around a five year old boy, Jeremy, whose curiosity draws him into a forbidden territory. It was while he was there, hiding from the authorities, that he stumbled upon, and fell into a deep hole that was filled with swirling, poisonous black water. Jeremy was saved that day, but not for free, and certainly not out of the goodness of a mysterious man’s heart. Oh no, Jeremy would soon find out that being saved came with a very hefty and nightmarish price tag.Blood Tithe by Glen Soucy

When Jeremy recovered from his fall, he found that he had acquired special powers. Jeremy couldn’t believe his good fortune; and boy was he ever onboard with being a cool superhero! He was awed with the fact that he could hear heartbeats, levitate, move objects or himself with a single thought, and draw energy from the living to make himself stronger. It didn’t take long though, for his friends and even his family to look upon him as a freak. But it was his mother’s fear of him, and the loss of her affection, that devastated Jeremy the most. So Jeremy turned all his attention and determination into turning off his magical powers. But what he didn’t realize until it was too late was that he couldn’t turn his powers back on when he needed to.

Glenn Soucy uses his vivid imagination to craft a fascinating story. I absolutely loved the way he masterfully captured and portrayed the very essence of a five year old boy-turned superhero. The book could use a quick editing run-thru, but other than that, I found Blood Tithe to be an interesting and very well-written read. I would definitely recommend this book to any young adult reader looking for a little scary adventure.

4 out of 5 stars, Review by Peg Glover