Review of Beginning Anna’s Legacy: Book One by Sheryl Fawcett

College senior Hayley Marshall has recently lost her beloved great aunt to cancer. When she’s mysteriously summoned to the office of a NYC lawyer, she’s stunned to learn she’s been included in her aunt’s will. The terms are non-negotiable and quite unconventional. Hayley must defer her college education for a year while she moves into her aunt’s NYC apartment. She also must travel the world over the following twelve months. Hayley considers declining the offer, but then realizes that her dear aunt knew her well enough to know she’d never turn down such an amazing opportunity.

What a wonderful little gem this was. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. For one, it’s just 57 pages. I wondered just how much “story” could possibly be included. Then, I saw that it was written in present tense – my absolute least favorite tense. However, I was able to get right into the story from the start and tense no longer seemed to matter.

Hayley’s character traits were appealing and I loved how her character showed some definite signs of change. I can see there is much more to come with this series. And, yes…it is a series, so it’s not a complete story of Hayley’s yearlong sabbatical. I wondered why the author didn’t write the complete story in one book. But since the book description states that “BEGINNING is the first of fourteen episodes in the new coming-of-age serial”, I knew what to expect.

This book is a nice intro to the series. It’s very well written. I think that perhaps the author might wish to make this first book a permanent freebie, since it will definitely compel readers to get into the series. Worth the read!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton