Review of A Recipe for Disaster by Jennifer L. Jennings

Private detective Sarah Woods is asked by her old friend, Lois, to check up on the suspicious behavior of Lois’s roommate Claire. Lois is alarmed when she “stumbles” across a bag full of cash in Claire’s room. Sarah and her partner/live in boyfriend Carter begin investigating the case and quickly uncover some troubling information that includes shady financial dealings, a double-cross and two murders.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author’s writing is easy, breezy and fun. She’s managed to write a completely satisfying and engrossing story in just 106 pages. The book is short, yet there’s plenty going on to keep readers interested. I love murder mysteries and I often find I’ve solved the mystery long before the end. This one was a complete surprise to me.

I also appreciated the way Ms. Jennings depicts the relationship between Sarah and Carter. It’s apparent that they’re in love, yet the author steers clear of sex scenes. Thank you. I’m so tired of gratuitous sex in books. This is a good, clean murder mystery. I’ll definitely be reading more from this author!

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton