Review of A Merry Mountain Christmas by P. C. Zick

Fran Johnson is a recently widowed woman, who is having some difficulty moving on without her beloved husband, Carl. Fortunately, Fran has a small circle of kind and loving friends to support her. When two of those friends get engaged, Fran is shocked to learn that the father of the groom is her high school love, who left her in the lurch over three decades ago. Can Fran face the man who broke her heart all those years ago? Will a rekindled romance be in Fran’s future? Will Fran’s son accept that his mother can still find love without his father?

This is a good, clean and short romance novel. I liked that the story was about an older woman, who is still capable of finding love. It was a welcome change from most other romance novels, where everyone is young and barely out of high school.

The storyline was, at times, a bit predictable. But how many ways can you tell a love story? I liked Fran and Michael’s characters. I found them realistic and believable.

This was a short book, but there’s enough going on to make it interesting. I enjoyed the author’s writing style. There were a few typos here and there that can easily be fixed by a re-edit. Yet, I wouldn’t say it was a deal breaker. Overall, this is a sweet love story that can be read in a day.

4 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton