Review of A Different Truth by Annette Oppenlander

Andy Olson’s parents have sent him away to Palmer Military Academy. During the turbulent A Different Truth by Annette Oppenlanderlate 1960s, going to a military school definitely has its drawbacks. Protests and negative public opinion about the Vietnam War are at an all-time high. Andy doesn’t know much about the war, but his best friend Tom is a strong opponent and he’s not shy about voicing his opinions. This only serves to make things even more difficult for Tom and Andy at Palmer.

What a nice, unexpected surprise this book was. I enjoy reading YA books and have to say that this book will definitely appeal to adults as well. The author has written a highly engaging plot and well developed characters. I was able to connect with them easily.

Both sides of the war are presented and written into the plot intelligently. The characters help to make the controversy personal and real. I love that the author included her reasons for writing the story, as well as some important facts about the Vietnam War, at the end of the book.

There’s more to this book than the war, however. Family dynamics, friendship, teen angst and romance are also nicely woven into the story.

A Different Truth is an excellent way for young readers (and older readers) to gain better insight into the horrors of the Vietnam War and how so many lives were changed because of it. A very timely and important subject.

5 of 5 Stars, Review by Susan Barton