Product by Ian McCain – Book Review by Peg Glover

Product by Ian McCain Book Cover Photo

This book is a well written vampire story that is painted so vividly that I actually felt as if I was living it; and let me tell you, that is one electrifying and frightening experience.

The book centers around the protagonist Ernie, a likable fifty year old NYC homeless alcoholic who suddenly finds himself chained to a bed, alive and well, after being shot. He is held captive by a mysterious, well dressed, soft spoken man who informs him that he has been infected with an incurable but treatable virus. Ernie is told that he needs to make a decision and that this decision will determine his fate. He is also told by this man who is holding a needle kit in his lap that he will not repeat himself. Ernie is puzzled but struggles to comprehend the strange tale this guy is spinning on an age old bible story that will determine his fate.

Ernie decides to follow this man but it is not until every bone in his hand splinters from this man’s grip that he realizes that this is not someone to be played with.

Can a person, who has been infected with the vampire virus have a conscience? They can, if they can get the “Product” in time. If they don’t, well…then all bets are off and it’s game on.

This book is a page turner, and I recommend giving it a read. I’m glad that this is a series. I can’t wait for book two- BYPRODUCT.

5 of 5 Stars – Peg Glover