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About the Book:


Andy Parker is a war widow raising her fifteen-year-old daughter on her own. Hayden

Grace dreams of becoming a professional snowboarder, and Andy is doing everything

she can to make that happen. When Hayden Grace’s passion begins to falter, Andy is

at a loss for how to re-inspire her daughter.


Andy does her best balancing Hayden Grace’s competition schedule, practice, and

school with her own work schedule at home, in the city, and on the mountain. But

work starts to demand more from Andy. Then, Andy receives an opportunity of a

lifetime. An opportunity that will turn their lives upside down. But is it too good

to be true?


Soon, mother and daughter find themselves in Aspen for Hayden Grace’s first national

competition when a chance encounter brings Andy into a passionate, unexpected

romance, a romance that could change everything. Will Andy be able to find the

happiness she deserves?

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About T. S. Krupa:

T. S. Krupa was born in New Haven, Connecticut. Raised in a Polish household with a blended American culture, she is fluent in Polish. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Franklin Pierce University, where she also played field hockey. She earned her Master’s from Texas Tech University and recently graduated with her Doctor of Education from North Carolina State University. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and her dog.