Jakita Author Guest Post by Romance Novelist Leslie Hachtel

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for visiting the eBook Review Gal website. Today I’m welcoming romance novelist Leslie Hachtel. Leslie has over a dozen romance novels under her belt. When I invited her to join me on my website, I asked her to write about whatever came to mind. The result is a lovely, heartfelt post about her best friend, Jakita. I don’t know about you, but in a world where there’s far too much controversy and anger, an inspiring and uplifting post is just the thing to brighten the day!



by Leslie Hachtel


I try to wake up every morning with an attitude of gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for. I have enough food and clothes and a nice house. I have friends and a job I love. And a wonderful, supportive husband. I am so blessed. And I have Jakita.

Jakita is part Jack Russell Terrier and part Akita (don’t ask how that happened) and she is my heart. For anyone who says that dogs are “just animals” or say she’s “just a dog”โ€”well, they haven’t got a clue how much a furry creature can bring to your life. She doesn’t care if I’m all dressed up or in sweats. She doesn’t notice if my hair is done or my makeup is on. She just, unconditionally, loves me. It’s amazing. Even when I’m not particularly loveable, she doesn’t waver in her devotion.

She listens intently when I tell her about my plots and characters, and she lies by my feet when I sit at the keyboard, giving quiet support to all that I do. Well, except take a shower. That involves water and I think she is convinced she will melt. And I am certain she wishes she could have use of an indoor potty when it rains. But other than that, she approves of just about everything I do.

I don’t think I could write every day without her, or sleep soundly at night if she were not at the foot of the bed. She is love, comfort and support in a profession that thrives mostly in solitude.

I am thankful for her every day and I wish everyone could have their own Jakita when they are lonely, worried or just in need of some love.

Leslie is the author of over a dozen romance novels. Her genres include historical, contemporary, romantic suspense and historical/paranormal since she loves them all. She lives in Florida with her fabulously supportive husband, Bob, and, of course, with Jakita, the terrier.ย