Interview with Nathalie M. L. Romer Author of Tainted Truth

Today, I’m welcoming multi-genre author Nathalie Romer to the eBook Review Gal website. Nathalie has been kind enough to allow me to interview her and she has some insightful things to share. Let’s get started!

Can you please tell readers a little bit about yourself?

Absolutely! I write epic fantasy, futuristic science fiction, mystery and romance novels (for now). I currently live in a tiny village with my partner, spending time daily in my writing den working on my books.

Sounds peaceful! What’s the name of your latest book and what’s it about?

Tainted Truth tells the story of Marrida and Alagur who are from opposite sides of society; Marrida is a Keeper, Alagur is a Wolf Rider. The couple is thrust into a situation that causes them to set out on a journey for answers, to solve a mystery, and to learn more about who they are.

Hmmmm…. Intriguing. What motivated you to begin your writing career?

One day I was bored and decided to try my hand at a bit of writing. The 1,400-word short story is now part of Tainted Truth (one of the later chapters). It opened a floodgate that I didn’t realize existed. I have plenty of stories to tell, and I’m working on getting them on paper.

Once, many years ago, a teacher (doubling also as the school librarian) said to me: “You’ll either be a writer or an artist with your chosen career.” Because I write, I’ve lived up to one part of her prediction. However, because I also design a few of my own covers (like the one on Tainted Truth) I’ve also become an artist. I’ll just keep going and see where I go with this…

That’s one way to deal with boredom!  

Would you say you’re a pantser or a planner?

Plantser actually, I plot the broad strokes of what a story should be about, but I like to let myself be surprised about the direction of a story. So part of it is written as a pantser.

I LOVE that term. So many of us are plantsers! 

Do you find any part of the writing process difficult?

Plotting is still tough for me. I’m slowly learning to become more structured with my writing, but it’s a very slow process as I’ve not found the ideal plotting tool yet (I’ve looked at many).

Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

As a child I was totally into Isaac Asimov, and still am a fan of his work. I also love Tolkien, and the above comment about being a writer or artist was made by the teacher/librarian who found me reading Tolkien cover to cover (I was reading The Return of the King by the time she arrived in the library). I also enjoy Christie Golden, Jean M. Auel, and Richard A. Knaak. The genres I like most are fantasy and science fiction.

What would readers be surprised to learn about you?

That I’m Dutch-born, lived in Britain for many years, and that I write English-language books while living in Sweden. One would think that after four years I could actually speak Swedish. I understand it, but speaking…that’s a whole other ball game. I’m just not capable of learning a new language. And it’s weird because I have a thing for language and the origin of words. Something I became interested in because of Tolkien, and like him, I have an invented language (or more precisely dialects) in my book. Now, that confuses the heck out me…

How can readers connect with you?

I’m always open to connecting with readers, as well as other authors. I can be contacted via my author website and through social media:

Amazon Author Page