Interview with Author and Scriptwriter Maryann Miller

I’m welcoming author and scriptwriter Maryann Miller to the eBook Review Gal website today. Not only does Maryann spend her time writing, she also loves to “play” on stage.

Maryann was kind enough to allow me to interview her and she has some interesting things to say. Let’s get started!

What would you like readers to know about you?

I’ve lived in Texas most of my life, even though I was born and raised in Michigan. Native Texans say I’m a naturalized citizen of their great state, and I appreciate the honor. For a number of years I had the joy of living on some acreage in the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas where I had a horse, a goat, a sheep, a dog, and four cats. When I moved to the city, I brought my dog and cats. The horse would not fit in the car. Writing is my passion and profession, and for fun, I enjoy playing on stage, quilting and working all kinds of puzzles. My favorite role on stage was Martha in “Arsenic and Old Lace.” “Would you like some elderberry tea?” I’ve been caught up in the current craze of adult coloring books. I’ve always enjoyed sketching and coloring, a passion I shared with my mother, and I chuckle at the fact that it is now okay for grownups to color.

Tell us a bit about your latest book:

Evelyn Evolving is a story about 4 year old Evelyn Gundrum, whose happy world is turned upside down. Abandoned by her mother and eventually shipped to an orphanage run by the terrifying Sister Honora, Evelyn grows up amidst hardship and heartbreak, plagued by unresolved emotions that pursue her into adulthood. Spanning the years leading up to Great Depression through World War II, Evelyn Evolving is the real-life story of a girl seeking answers among a sea of questions. Will a mysterious letter from her mother change her fate? Does she reunite with elder sister Viola, her only source of comfort? Will she eventually find romance with steely blue-eyed Russell Van Gilder? Does her uncertain path to self-discovery ultimately lead her to happiness? This is a story of real life, based on my mother’s life, and it is part biography and part fiction. It has been many years in the writing and I’m so thrilled that Creativia Publishing is releasing it.

What was your initial motivation for beginning your writing career?

I have been in love with books and stories since I was a kid and first started reading. At the tender age of 10, I decided I wanted to write stories that would make other young girls fall in love with reading. Then I won an award in the Detroit News Scholastic Writing Awards Contest at the tender age of 12, and my fate was sealed. Of course, then I thought I would grow up to be rich and famous. LOL!

Would you say you’re a pantser or more of a planner?

I’m a pantser all the way, although I have a large notebook by my computer where I make notes to keep track of what is in each chapter. Because it is so easy to lose track of the passing of days and weeks in a story, I also make a timeline, which I believe is important for any book. As to why I don’t outline, I’m never quite sure where the story is going until I’m working in a scene and the characters direct me. For instance, in my WIP, the third book in the Seasons Mystery Series, I was working on a scene where the main characters, Sarah and Angel, are talking with another detective about picking up a known drug dealer. I didn’t know until the conversation started that Sarah was going to bow out, leaving Angel with Ryan, a detective that she is attracted to. The attraction is mutual, but both of them are hesitant about taking that step forward. Sarah thinks it’s high time they figure out where this attraction might go.

Is there a part of the writing process that you find particularly challenging?

One of the things about writing that is particularly challenging is keeping the momentum of daily writing going in the midst of distractions. Social media. Business that needs to be taken care of. Family issues that pop up. The pull of beautiful spring days that make me want to go outside and play in the dirt. 🙂

Do you have a favorite writing music playlist?

Actually, I am probably the only writer who doesn’t listen to music when writing. Songs distract me as I start thinking about the story behind the lyrics, and even instrumental music pulls me away. Maybe because I’m a musician? Not a professional, but I’ve been singing and playing guitar most of my life. Anyway, I work best in absolute silence, which was hard when raising the kids and there was noise all over the house. It is much quieter now, but I often miss the noise and commotion.

What book could you see yourself living in?

What an interesting question! I don’t think I’ve seen this in an interview before. A kajillion years ago, I read Wildfire by Zane Grey. Being a crazy horse-loving kid, I decided I’d love to live in the west on a ranch and have a horse like Buckles, the one that Lucy rode with such abandon and love. That desire to live in the old west continued most of my life. I think I’m a displaced pioneer woman who wanted to run her own spread. Forget sweeping out the cabin. I’d be happier breaking the wild horses and negotiating to sell them to the Army.

What three words would you say best describe you and why? 

Loyal – I support my family and friends all the time. Dedicated – I follow through on commitments. Compassionate – I care deeply about people and other animals and Mother Earth. 

How can readers connect with you?

I’m always available to connect with readers and other authors through my website. I also love following on social media:



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    1. You’re SO welcome, Maryann! It was my pleasure to have you here on my website. Come back anytime 🙂

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