In Search of Home and Voices of Haiti Book Blitz

In Search of Home and Voices of Haiti Book Blitz

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This award-winning* e-book focuses on an under-reported global crisis: statelessness. People who are stateless are not refugees, not exactly. Often they are living in their homes in a country they consider to be their own. Yet they are stateless—without the basic right to get an education, to work in the legal economy, receive health benefits, get married, vote or own property. The cause is often rooted in religion or ethnicity, but even when the stateless are not actively persecuted, they remain the most vulnerable. With reporting by Stephanie Hanes, and photography by Greg Constantine, this interactive book takes you on a journey to visit the stateless people of Kenya, Burma and the Dominican Republic. *Honorable Mention, NPPA’s Best Photojournalism 2013, Tablet Category*

This book was originally published as an enhanced e-book for the iBookstore. This version was built with the Creativist platform from Atavist.


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An itinerant preacher whose story reads like Job—except for an incandescent smile and a mountain-moving faith. A woman who remains resolutely joyful despite the HIV that has infected half her family, young girls subjected to rape and forced into commercial sex, a couple whose triumph over the disease that challenges them both is a study in grace.

Haiti has always been a place of extremes, especially in the rubble of the earthquake that shattered the country in early 2010 and all the more so among those of its people who are also struggling with HIV/AIDS. The award-winning* “Voices of Haiti” tells their stories in a mesmerizing presentation that combines the poetry of Kwame Dawes, the writing of Lisa Armstrong, the photography of Andre Lambertson, and the music of Kevin Simmonds.

This enhanced e-Book is the capstone of a multi-year project by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. The work has been featured in The New York Times, PBS NewsHour, USA Today and other media outlets—and in live performances at the National Black Theatre Festival and in Port au Prince, Miami, and Washington, DC. “Voices of Haiti” brings all of that together, with indelible portraits of remarkable individuals. “Voices of Haiti” was awarded a star by Kirkus Reviews, and was awarded “Special Recognition” from Pictures of the Year International in their e-Book category.

A version of this book was published exclusively for iPads in June 2012 in the iBookstore, using the iBooks Author program. To purchase that version, click
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Here is a sample of Voices of Haiti:

Tombs by Kwame Dawes

Every crumbled building is a tomb.
We step over grey crushed bricks
and the entanglement of steel.

The faint scent of death still in the air;
every sliver of laughter dries in the heat,
the dust, the stones, the dust, the stones.

The doctor offers a wry smile,
shrugs his shoulders and says,
“C’est la vie, ki pa—la vie ça est terib.”

He points to the grey slabs of cement
where the hospital once stood;
he counts eighteen—the women

in maternity with their new babies
and their families counting fingers
and toes—they were on the second floor;

on the first were the diligent nurses;
at the top were the broken bodies
of the healing: they are all entombed

in the stone. For days the scent
of their rotting blanketed our skins;
now, after the blue helmeted soldiers

sprayed the ruins (they have done
this before) it is bearable—death
sulks in the corner, like our hearts

which leap at each sound of rumbling.
The city dances to live, the music
leaping against despair; an old

woman skips to avoid a truck.
This earth devours the dead
with such efficiency; we are left

with our heads covered in dust,
our eyes searching for familiar
faces, our hearts safely tucked away.