How to Draw Series by Amit Offir

Would your children like to easily learn how to draw dragons, knights, fairies, wizards and witches? Amit Offir’s best seller How to Draw Fantasy World introduces easy-to-follow drawing methods for children, parents and teachers, focusing on familiar icons of legendary creatures.

How To Draw Fantasy world

How to Draw Fantasy World‘ is just one book in Amit Offir’s series. This step-by-step teaching method matches today’s children’s attention span and brings out amazing results in children of various ages. This creative and engaging book is generally recommended for children 5 years old and older, but children ages 10 – 14 have also found it interesting and useful.

How to Draw Fantasy World includes 32 pages of drawing tutorials. Each page, or a pair of pages, features a final, painted image, and detailed steps that lead to the final creation. The drawing tutorials come in varying levels of detailing, so children can focus on drawing the objects they like most to combine them into personal artwork.

The book focuses on imagery and does not include any textual explanations, making it suitable for even young children and for readers of any language.

How to Draw Fantasy World, as in all of Amit Offir’s How to Draw series, not only instructs children and drawing beginners on how to draw cartoon images of fantasy and legendary creatures, but it also provides added value by teaching them about drawing proportion, creating cartoon images from basic geometric features and developing their creativity and hand-eye coordination.

These practical drawing books bring out the artist in children and adults, to create a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Each of Amit’s charming instructional books are available for the affordable price of just 2.99. Just a few of the things children and adults can learn to draw are:

  • Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Butterflies
  • Musical Instruments
  • Foods
  • Sea Creatures

Amit is so confident readers will find value in his books he’s giving away How to Draw Cool Stuff FREE for a limited time!

About Amit Offir       Amit_Offir

Amit Offir is a renowned illustrator, author and comic artist.
His first book “The Beetle That Wants To Be” is one of his bestsellers.

In 2005 he developed a uniqe technique for drawing comics and
cartoon characters in a few easy steps – Drawing Easily.

Amit lectures and teaches comics lessons and meets thousands of children and adults every year around the world.