How Guest Blogging Markets Your Business


As a business owner, you should be promoting yourself and your business by using every marketing tool available to you. You may already be familiar with the term inbound marketing and perhaps you write online content designed for marketing purposes, but have you considered guest blogging as a way to get your business message across? Guest blogging can potentially reach thousands of unique, organically-driven prospects.

What is Guest Blogging?

I hope you’re already blogging about your business on your own business blog. A blog is an excellent complement to any business website. However, just imagine if you could reach many more readers – hundreds, if not thousands. You can achieve it with guest blogging. This is the ripple effect in action. With guest blogging, your content is made available to a newer, broader audience AND their social media followers.

Guest Posting Dos and Don’ts

Guest blogging works – when done properly. Guest blogging is not one long piece of promotional content, designed to scream your business message into the faces of your readers. Readers want to know how the information you’re sharing will benefit them directly in some way. It’s your job to first figure out what that beneficial information should be, and then present it in a clear, concise blog post or article.

Additionally, it’s important that you contribute only original, exclusive posts to each blog or website or you’ll be labeled a spammer and banned quickly.

Targeting the Proper Market

Spending sufficient time, researching and targeting blogs and websites in your business industry is necessary to ensure that you’re reaching the correct audience. Targeting the wrong audience will waste everyone’s time and definitely not produce the marketing results you desire.


Like all types of marketing, guest blogging is a process that takes time. It takes a while to establish yourself as an expert in your field or industry so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Maintain a list of blog post topics and continue creating content while you steadily build your brand. Remember to share your blog posts via social media to improve your online visibility. Business marketing is an ongoing process that will produce the results you desire if you stick with it.