Greed: An Amber Monroe Crime Thriller Book 1 by C. M. Sutter Book Review

Greed (Amber Monroe Crime Thriller, #1)Greed by C.M. Sutter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Amber Monroe is a young, apparently attractive, deputy with the Washburn County PD. Amber is ambitious and hopes to make detective as soon as possible. When two dead bodies show up on the side of a highway, Amber and the rest of the team quickly discover a powerful and ruthless counterfeiting ring in nearby Milwaukee, thus giving Amber the opportunity she needs to advance her law enforcement career.

This book started off a bit confusing for me. This is supposed to be Book 1 in a series, but I felt that there was little to no introduction to Amber’s or anyone else’s character. The book begins with an interaction between the “bad guys” and the next chapter with an unknown POV that took me a few minutes to figure out whose story this was.

I also found there to be too many asides that had no bearing on the story – Amber’s dental visit went on for paragraphs. I didn’t understand why the author added so many inconsequential details that did little to advance the story.

The book is well-edited, however, in that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes – always something I appreciate in a book and something that seems to be lacking in so many works by independent authors. Other than that, I thought some of the unnecessary details could have been cut, dialogue might have been fine tuned and characters could have been better developed. Even having said this, I’d still be willing to give this author and perhaps the series another try.

3 of 5 Stars, Susan Barton,

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